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Knowledge Base

One of the attractions of Archaeology is that it is simultaneously an art, a science and both practical and theoretical and, as such, can be both general (field archaeology) and specialist (finds expert). In other words there is much more to archaeology than excavation.

The image above left shows an excavated building; finds of pottery suggest it might be late medieval, radio carbon dates from charcoal might confirm or disprove this deduction. The substantial external feature might just to be a drain but it emptied into a stone lined pit which contained small amounts of bone. It might have been a butchery site or perhaps a pit for tanning hides. Forensic analysis of the various samples taken from the site might suggest a more accurate interpretation.

Analysis of ancient pollen preserved in peat can indicate the local vegetation and also the climate at the time.

The knowledge base is intended to provide some background information relating to archaeology and its study.

Excavation - Medieval Building

Environment - Pine pollen from a peat core

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