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Joseph Anderson Sesquicentennial Anniversary

Joseph Anderson came to be considered by many to be the father of Scottish archaeology. He was one replica rolex time editor of the John O’Groat Journal from 1860 to 1869. During that time he became fascinated by the many prehistoric monuments in and about the Yarrows area. In 1865 he began a series of excavations along with Robert Shearer factor of the Thrumster Estate which came to lay the fake rolex watches foundations of our understanding of Neolithic and early Bronze age burial practices.

Dr's Amelia Pannet and Kenneth Brophy are collaborating with Yarrows Heritage Trust to mount a community celebration of Anderson and his works.


Primary Schools

Commemorative events started in June with east coast primary children learning about life in the Neolithic and making sculptures about what they have learned. These will be on display at the Thrumster Station Building from August 14th until August 28th 11 till 1 and 2 till 4 daily.

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Photo Competition

Entries in the photo competition will also be on display  at the Thrumster Station Building.

Community Excavation

This will take place at Cairn Reain, North Yarrows between August 24th and August 28th .

Although the monument was thought by Anderson to be a Neolithic Chambered Cairn, it is likely that it is actually a Broch; the excavation hopes to swiss rolex resolve this issue.

Those interested should book a place by e-mail anderson-archaeology@yahoo.co.uk or phone 07861 235761. No previous experience is required.

Public Lecture

A lecture about Joseph Anderson and his work will be given by Dr Amelia Pannet and Dr Kenneth Brophy on August 27th in the MacKays Hotel Wick at 7:30 pm admission free tea and coffee afterwards.

Festival Culmination

The celebration will culminate on August 29th with a prehistoric festival on the north shore of The Loch of Yarrows.

           Traditional craft demonstrations

                        Flint knapping

                        Copper smelting

                        Pot making and firing

                        Antler carving

                        Spinning and dyeing

                        Food preparation

These activities will carry on thought the day.

Special Events

10 am to 11 am     help prepare a roe deer for a pit roasting - sample cooked meat when ready.

11:30 am to 12      take a guided tour of Battle Moss stone rows; hear about the excavation.

11 am to 12           try your hand at flint knapping.

!2 noon to 1 pm     watch the lighting of the pit kiln for firing the pots made by the school children

                            also watch the unpacking of a previous pit firing.

1:15                      photo competition winners announced.

1:30 to 2 pm          try your hand a dying wool with woad.

2 pm to 3 pm         help work the furnace bellows and add copper ore to the copper smelting furnace; see                              the new copper emerge.

2:30 pm                take a guided tour to see the Neolithic chambered cairns and Iron Age broch at south                             Yarrows

Festival Climax

             Evening event

                           Fire performance and music focused on the burning of a timber monument, a replica of                            a chambered cairn facade. The pre-built structure will be lit at dusk accompanied by a                            sound and light performance.


The site can be found by following the signs for the Yarrows Archaeological Trail from the A99 and A882.

Signs will also be put up on the A99 main road on the day of the event.