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Warehouse North (ND 305 422) lies approximately 160 m to the north of Warehouse South long cairn. The 14 m diameter, round cairn still stands 2 m high. The chamber was already much disturbed before its investigation by Rhind in 1854. There is little or no evidence for later modification save for a circumferential internal wall face reported by Anderson in 1886. The 2.5 m long entrance passage faces slightly north of east. A pair of orthostats, the outer portal stones, mark the transition from the 0.8 m wide passage to the 1.5 m wide anti-chamber. A second pair of larger orthostats, the inner portal stones, mark the transition into the 1.75 m wide main chamber. A third pair of orthostats divides the main compartment to form the 1.4 m wide inner, or distal, compartment. This distal compartment is terminated by a 0.8 m high back-slab. The anti-chamber, main compartment and the inner compartment measured 3.5 m overall and are described collectively as a tri-partite chamber.

Two human skulls, now lost, were found in the chamber before Rhind's investigation. These were the only finds from this cairn (1).

(1) Davidson J L and Henshall A S; 1991 ' The Chambered Cairns of Caithness' p 153.

The trail continues by dropping down to a number of hut circles.

Warehouse North from the south

Warehouse North passage

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Warehouse North