Yarrows Heritage Trust is dedicated to the promotion and research into the built and natural environment of the Yarrows area.   We co-ordinate and facilitate research, run events, and provide clear and interesting information to local people and the public at large.

Yarrows Broch:
Angus Mackay photography

Open day at Swartigill Burn Dig Saturday 11th September


The Yarrows Heritage Trust

Open Day at Swartigill Iron Age Excavation near Thrumster.

A free on-site talk and presentation on the discoveries will be given by

Martin Carruthers of UHI

at 11.00 a.m. and  3.p.m. 

Please arrive 10 mins early at Thrumster House to be shown directions to parking, or relay service

With thanks to our funders :

 Foundation Scotland – Tannach & District and Camster,

 Lybster & Tannach informal learning fund

Come join Yarrows Heritage trust in partnership with ORCA in this next exciting phase of the iron age Swartigill dig. Volunteers welcome, whether you are experienced or never participated on a dig before or whether you want to come just for a couple of hours or the entire duration you are most welcome

Yarrows through the ages

The Yarrows basin has evidence to have been home to people since the Mesolithic era, also known as the middle stone age, spanning as far back as 8000 BC these were hunter gatherers using flint tools to hunt, very little built evidence is left of this age. . The Bronze age 2000BC left Caithness unique monuments of stone rows one of which are at Yarrows. Into the Iron age 700BC  was the age of the brochs, great buildings still evident in our landscape today along with their cairns and standing stones leaving marks of their lives to be retold centuries into the future.

Natural Heritage

The natural environment of Yarrows is  is one of great diversity, with a range of habitats, from small-scale mixed cultivation on the crofts, areas of  deep peat,  open moorland and coastal cliffs.  

The Trust have planted a small woodland and created a wildflower meadow and wildlife pond on their own property at Thrumster.


Since our formation in 2002, the Trust have carried out a wide range of projects, beginning with the Oliclett Mesolithic site, dating from up to 10,000 years ago, the era of the Hunter/Gatherers.. Since then, we have carried out numerous archaeological research projects , restored the l old railway station at Thrumster,  laid out new footpaths, planted some woodland, held  two prehistoric festivals, and hosted the 2019 Rhind lectures.  Most of our projects involve local school children. 

Pre historic festival